About Kindler & Thorpe

Profusely engraved fine watches of distinction

Kindler & Thorpe was established in 2010 by two long standing business associates Herman Kindler and Paul Thorpe.

Herman Kindler was born in 1937 and lives in Munich along with his family. He is a keen collector of modern, sports and vintage Rolex watches and his collection is believed to be one of the finest in Europe.

"Having collected and studied Rolex watches for more than 50 years I consider that what we are about to achieve will go down in horological history."

Paul Thorpe has been in the fine watch business since 1975 after being introduced to the business by his parents.
He has a keen eye for rare antiquities and has studied British Heraldry, early English engravings, silversmithing and British hallmarks.
His ambition is to leave a horological legacy that survives for hundreds of years, just like many of the fine objects that he has owned, admired and studied.

"It is my sincere hope that collectors will be holding our watches in a hundred years time, admiring them, in the same manner in which we admire the fine work of previous generations."

In 2011, Kindler & Thorpe brand established branch offices and shops in several countries in Asia and begun to develop the brand in Asian market.
The Kindler & Thorpe brand is positioned to be the World's leading specialists in beautifully engraved horological artistry.

Our work is strictly dedicated only to the leading names in prestige watches such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, IWC and Hublot.

On the vast majority of occasions we use brand new factory sealed models as donor watches. Each one is carefully selected for suitability and is then passed on to our chosen engraver so that work can commence.

All of our watches are completely unique and every Kindler & Thorpe timepiece is the only one of its type in the World.
Each piece is hand finished and engraved by a true master of the art.

Our watches are created with an obsession for detail and grand design.
Each piece will be highly engaging, beautiful, with an enchanting aura of romance giving a renewed thrill and pleasure every time it is worn.

Inspired by some of the finest engraving featured on the World's most expensive firearms, our work is also influenced by elite Georgian, Victorian, and Bavarian architecture as well as British Heraldry dating back to the 5th century.
Each timepiece will create its own legacy and our concept of fusing the best watch brands with the finest artistry is creating a heritage all of its own.

It is due to the hugely complex and skilled nature of our work that availability will always be difficult to predict or to guarantee.
Some watches are subject to 100 hours work at the engravers bench, under his specialised tools that have not changed in three centuries.

All new additions to our collection will be available at our website first so please ensure that you visit us on a regular basis or join our mailing list Each Kindler & Thorpe watch will be presented with its original brand box and warranty paperwork.

We offer a unique 2 year guarantee with every brand new timpiece and its details will be entered into our archives; that means that your name, along with ours, will go down in history.

We specialise in both private and commercial commissions and have engraved watches for corporate presentation and for company branding / promotional purposes.

Thank you for visiting and we hope that you find something of interest.

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